The best comics I got!

Something scenic

I will be listing off my most valuable comics here on this page. I also want to add some of my favorite ones that caught my eye as I was sifting through the massive amount of comics I have. So far the most valuable comic I have is worth $15. Not exactly breaking the bank sort of value, but considering it cost only a few bucks brand new it isn't bad.

City Of Tomorrow

The books aren't exactly valuable, but none the less The City Of Tomorrow series is really interesting to me. It combines futuristic technologies with a sort of 1920's gangster feel. It starts with an ad for a perfect city containing robots that will do all the jobs no one wants to do. The son of the creator of this perfect city grows up and leaves home, only to come back to find that the city isn't as perfect as it once was. Click here to see a few images from the books.

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Where do I get my info?

I get all of my comic value information from the comic price guide website.



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