And So It Begins!

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This website will house my comic book collection as well as my opinions. Its not exactly a collection, but 10 boxes of comics I picked up at an auction when a local comicbook store went under.

I'm not exactly a comic book collector, but I did enjoy them as a kid, so when the oportunity came up to buy a whole bunch of them, I had to at least try to get ahold of them.

NOTE: this web site is best viewed with FireFox since it is my preferred browser

Hopefully I can have a lot of fun making this web site and entertain some people along the way.

Website Modifications!

I have modified the web site to use PHP and dynamically create pages for me! That way I don't have to do as much work to update this website. I hope this means I will update it more oftain than I have been doing in the past.

I guess I'm a collector now

Happy super late new years! Well, after learning about comic books and reading a whole bunch of them, I am officially a collector. I recently bought a few error comics on Ebay and another online auction site. I have also collected all of the Cable Volume 1 books. I picked Cable because I already had most of them. I'm in the process of collecting all of the X-Factor books, again since I have a large number of them. I also found a new book that I like called Haunt which I buy every month. I will upload my recent acquisitions for you guys to see. Maybe I should make a new page for these comics. Its really strange though, I never thought I would be interested in something like this. I mean its sort of geeky if you ask me, and all of my other hobbies are the exact opposite. Are my years of studying computer science catching up to me? Are the geeky habits of my classmates infecting me like some sort of virus? The truth is, I don't really care, this is fun, and I love fun.

Box 3 has been uploaded

New box has been added to the list page. Content has been added to the best page, hope you like it. Feel free to comment if you dont like it!

New Features

Huge update this time. I have finished uploading the second box of comics to the website. I also managed to add a comments box to each of the comic books pages. If you have read the comic, let everyone know what you think about it! If you havn't, then maybe comment on the cover design, some of them are odd. I'm also working on getting some stuff into the worst and best pages, and I will have comments for those pages as well.

Box 2 almost done!

I have been working for the past few weeks during my spare time to scan comics for box number two. Its close to being done, but I decided to upload it early.

New Box of Comics!

Yesterday I was given a box full of Star Trek comics. They aren't my favorite, but some of them are old and worth keeping. I will upload this box at some point to share with you.

First Box Milestone!

I managed to finish uploading the first box to my web site! I'm going to modify the master list so that I can keep track of which comic is in which box. The list will have a different section for each box. I have a feeling the list is going to be huge!

wholly Superman Batman!

I have a bunch of Superman comics in absolutely amazing condition. I baged them and borded them and now they are safe. Its hard to belive some of them are as old as they are! Check out the master list for all the super Superman comics!

wholly Spider-man Batman!

I just found a bunch of Spider-Man comics in one of my boxes. Check the list for updates!

The story behind the collection.

A friend of mine was looking to buy a new couch for her sister, as a moving out gift. naturally she wanted something nice, but didn't have the cash to go all out. Instead we went to the auction to see if we could find a deal. The table at the front of the auction was covered in boxes of comics. There must have been 40 to 50 boxes all lined up. I started to think about how much fun it would be to read all of those comics.

As a kid I loved the adventures in comic books. I think every kid did at some point. The first box ended up going for 75 bucks, too rich for my blood. The second went for 50, the third for 40, now that sounds about right for me! I bid on the next box, and won it for 45! Awesome, my own box of comics! The next box after mine went for 35 bucks, and then the auctioneer got impatient. It looked like it was going to take all day to get through all of the boxes, so he decided that the next bid would be for the remainder of the lot. A total of 9 boxes went up for auction, it stopped at 30 bucks. I couldn't let 9 boxes of comics go for 30 bucks, thats insane, so I bid 35. I won! I was so excited! I have enough comics to last a life time. I went to go pay for my boxes and found out real fast why the bid only went up to 30. Apparently it was per box, not for the whole lot of 9. I just bought 9 boxes of comics for 35 bucks each. At this point I could have walked away with my one box I got for 45, but I decided to go with my gut and just buy the whole lot for the $360. And thats how I got 10 boxes of comics.

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Where do I get my info?

I get all of my comic value information from the comic price guide web site.



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